Why Getspot?

Lack of visibility and supervision of the on-field employees

Getspot provides real time location tracking which allows real time supervision, real time task management, helps employees in task management.

Mismanaged time and attendance-Risk of Time-theft

Currently there is no system to mark the attendance from client/customer location for the on-employees. Getspot possess real time clock-in clock-out attendance attribute which helps employee mark attendance from any location in real-time. As per research, around 43% of on-field employees commit time-theft. Getspot completely eliminates time-theft incidences by time, location tracking and task monitoring.

Save Time and Cost

Getspot eliminates leakages of time/travel false claims of on-field employees by providing source of truth. Integration of Attendance with payroll eliminates tedious manual payroll activities thereby saving time of HR and Finance departments.

Dashboards, Custom or Exceptional Reports & Data Analytics

Getspot dashboard caters source of truth for all insightful data (locations, time stamps, attendance, distance travelled, tasks, productivity) of on-field workforce. Exceptional and insightful data analytics help management to take informed decisions.