Features & Benefits


Real Time Location Tracking

Getspot provides location tracking of on-field/remote workforce, which enables real-time supervision. Resources can be located in real time with all the mapped client/project/location, timestamp, distance & task information through interactive maps.

Getspot not only allows to track, but also allows to assign and modify assigned tasks, scheduled or re-schedule client/customer visits on the go. Simultaneously, on-Field/Remote employees receive these updates in real-time.


Distance Travelled

Distance matrix provides data of the time and the travel distance along with the directions from the point of origin to the point of destination. Helps user with least distance directions to the destination. The system provides accurate distance travelled during the course of the work and attributes to reports accordingly.

Accurate data of the travel distance of the On-Field workforce dismisses false claim submissions, which in-turn helps the organization to save huge costs.


Geo Location Mapping

Easily predefine your locations, project site, client, site, branch offices, dealers, distributors, or other locations with GPS coordinates into the system.

Predefined location will help users to travel to a destination in less distance & time with ease. Clock-in of the user captures predefined location automatically, when a user is in those predefined location co-ordinates, and thus makes data accessibility & reporting very simple, easy effective.


Custom Visited Locations

On visit to a new location by an employee which is not pre-defined, admin can map those locations & add them easily to existing pre-defined location list with the name of that particular locations (lead name, client name, project name, dealer name distributor name etc...)

Time and Task Management

Assignment of tasks to the On-Field/Remote employees with deadline is easy using Getspot. Scheduling, modification and rescheduling of the visits/tasks of the On-Field workforce can be managed in real time. One can handle last minute changes like client meeting cancelled or postponed, as it is easy to geo-locate workforce & assign new tasks in the vicinity.

Complete cradle to grave reporting with graphical representation of the tasks completed within TAT and the tasks completed out of TAT can be viewed, downloaded & shared.


Clock in

On-Field/Remote workforce can Clock-in using Getspot mobile application from their work location, as they begin their assigned task, & Clock-out once it is completed. Manager approval workflows can be configured, where manager is notified with the details of captured employee location & time stamp along with the assigned task details as soon as an employee clocks-in & make his decision on approval or rejection.

Enterprise System Integration

Getspot is open to integrate with any third party software systems.

Integration of the Getspot with the existing HRMS will automate the process of payroll, which eliminates the manual process involved with attendance management of On Field/Remote employees. This will avoid manual errors to save costs and time for organizations.

Getspot application is very much open to be integrated with any other third party software, like CRM, Lead management system, ticketing system, core banking software and so on.


Device Alerts

Device Alerts on the scenarios of session logouts, phone switched off and on, low battery, GPS and internet ON & OFF or lost connections, activities are captured with location and time stamp. This can be configured as per customer needs.


Custom/Exception Reports and Dashboards

Getspot is on-field & remote workforce intelligence, empowered with data analytics, it becomes a decision making tool for the management of an organization. A single source of truth & one view dashboard window for all the insightful data (locations, timestamps, attendance, distance travelled, tasks, productivity etc.) of On-Field/Remote workforce.

Importantly, exceptional reports like number of tasks completed out of TAT, Number of Employee’s delayed visits to a work/client location, and some other exceptions reports similar to these can be customized as per business needs.

Email/SMS Notifications

Getspot provides instant Email/SMS notification for all the activities from user application. Clock-in and Clock-out, device alerts, distance travelled, project /client location, employee task completion, pending, progress and deadline alerts are notified to the concerned stake holders in real time. This functionality can be configured as per business needs.