5 Benefits of field employee tracking for your organization

5 Benefits of field employee tracking for your organization

Field employee tracking

Managing employees should be plain and simple, Technology offers vast opportunities to manage the employees in order to increase their productivity. Traditional ERP system fails to provide details of the location and tasks of the traveling employee. Mobility allows management to track the location and tracking of the field employees. Below are the benefits that an organization gets on tracking its employees.

  1. Employee scheduling

GPS tracking helps management in proper task allocation for the traveling employee. Managers can change the tasks in a real-time based on the employee location. This will help employees in avoiding unnecessary traveling and saves cost for the management as well.

  1. Time theft

The average employee steals 4 hours and 5 minutes every week according to the American Payroll Association. According to Survey conducted by Robert Half International, which found that employers lose about 4.5 hours per week per employee. Tracking traveling employee location helps management to put the brakes for the time theft activities of traveling employees.

3 Wrong travel claims

Employee location tracking and traveling details help in automating travel claims management. This will reduce the cost leakage due to wrong claims. Claims automation also helps employees in getting on time reimbursements.

  1. Meeting tracking

GPS tracking provides a sole source of truth of executive’s meeting of client’s place.

  1. Geolocation mapping

Easily predefine your locations, project site, client, site, branch offices, dealers, distributors, or other locations with GPS coordinates into the system.

The predefined location will help users to travel to a destination in less distance & time with ease. Clock-in of the user captures predefined location automatically when a user is in those predefined location coordinates, and thus makes data accessibility & reporting very simple, easy effective.


Mobility allows the provision of a tracking field/ traveling employee. This will help employee scheduling and reduces unnecessary traveling. Tracking employees eliminates time theft activities automates travel claims and eliminates cost leakages. Geolocation mapping help users to travel in an easy way and make data accessibility simple and effective.





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