5 Reasons to justify the need of Field Workforce Management

5 Reasons to justify the need of Field Workforce Management

Field workforce management

Workforce management is key term in business. It encompasses controlling activities of your workforce. The ultimate goal of the Workforce management is to improve the productivity of the employee which in-turn results in profitability increase. Workforce management helps management to allocate the right staff at right time as well as the location.

Workforce Management comprises the following features

  • Employee time and attendance
  • Task scheduling
  • Productivity
  • Performance evaluation
  • Forecasting
  • Payroll management

Field employees are the one who are in constant travel. Service engineers, Sales employees, Samplers, Constructions engineers, Field officers, Insurance agents, and so on.

Management often faces challenges to manage the field workforce. This will affect their productivity and raises issues with the  Payroll as well as the  reimbursement. Similarly Lack of supervision, resource allocation as well as for scheduling.

Below are few reasons to encompass the field workforce management

1. Employee satisfaction

Field employee often travel for their work is distant away from their office location. This create a gap between their managers and the employee feel disconnected from their team.

Location constraints creates disturbances in employee time as well as attendance. This results is payroll issues, delays in payment and other payroll related problems.

Few employees often take advantage of their location constraints and often commit time-theft. This will make management to suspect many other field employees .

Proper time and attendance management of field employees help in reducing employee attrition and it gives employee satisfaction as well.

2. Productivity

Lack of proper communication tools to transfer vital information in a real-time often affects the productivity of an employee. This causes poor customer satisfaction and results in the loss to the organization. An efficient tool that can provide the real-time communication in the form of file transfer together with messaging can help both the employee and management which results in the better customer engagement.

3. Scheduling

Real-time employee scheduling helps in efficient management and work distribution among the employees. This can also reduce the travelling and saves the time for the employees.

4. Supervision

Real-time supervision to field employees helps in building appropriate skill. Right supervision for the right person at the right time also increase the productivity of the employee. This is will provide an excellent customer satisfaction and results in acquiring more and more customers.

5. Human Errors

Automation of overall field workforce management that includes Time and attendance together with the attributes of scheduling, performance, claims and reimbursements, and payroll can eliminate the human errors that occurs while calculating the payroll of the field employees.


In Summary, Workforce management is vital in improving skills as well as the productivity of the field employees. Time and attendance issues often leads to employee dissatisfaction which can be resolved by providing an efficient attendance system to the field employees.

Real-time Employee supervision helps improve skills of the employee. Real-time field employee schedule helps proper distribution of field workforce. Automation of Field workforce avoids human errors and also saves your operation costs together with customer engagement.

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