This is how the Workforce Intelligence tool helps your field employee management

This is how the Workforce Intelligence tool helps your field employee management

Field employee management

Field employees involved in sales and service activities are the backbones of revenue generation. Field employee management has become an essential attribute in optimizing the Business Processes.

Technology has changed the way the field employees were monitored earlier. Workforce Intelligence tool to help the field-employee as well as management. Below are the 6 attributes of Workforce Intelligence tool that will help field employees

1. Attendance

Field employee often faces issues with the attendance, HRM, and related Payroll issues. This increases the employee management costs and results in paying employee salaries.

A portable attendance system that can allow marking attendance of the field employees often aids field employees.

A GPS-based attendance system with provision to mark attendance helps employees in marking attendance from their work location. GPS system helps the management to track the employee location together with the time stamp.

2. Task scheduling

Efficient task scheduling in a real-time is an important aspect of field employee management.  Location-centric task assignment to the traveling employees can reduce the burden of extra travel. This will reduce the operational cost of the field service and sales.

3. Real-time supervision

Real-time supervision will help the management to label the employee according to their skill set and ability. Supervision in the form of notes and messages helps the employee in understanding the job need. This will help the employees in improving their customer interaction and productivity.

4. Integration of ERP systems

Integration of field employee Intelligence tool with various ERP systems will leverage the business operations and increases the profitability.

 Inventory system integration will help the field sales and service employees to cater to the needs of the customer.  Integration of the Inventory system helps your production and procurement department to optimize their production plan as the movement and need of the goods.

 CRM with Intelligence tool integration helps your employee improve customer involvement by providing the premium products and offers in a real-time.  This will help the management in getting the insights about customer needs, wants and the patterns of buy and the service availed.

5. Payroll Integration

 Payroll integration with the Workforce intelligence tool will cut the issues of the field employee salary and reimbursements. Intelligence tool will automate the process of payroll processing and reimbursements which otherwise need manual paperwork’s.

6. Real-time communication

Field employees often miss important communication just because of their remoteness from their office. This will prove costly for the management as it increases employee management cost. Communication gap may affect the customer interaction service and customer engagement.

Messaging, Report sharing in the form of PDF, infographics, and emails helps improve the communication of the field employee. Efficient communication tools for field employees will help the management in providing essential real-time supervision.


Technology plays a pivotal role in controlling the business process. It aids an increase in productivity of the employee. Workforce intelligence tool will eliminate the attendance issues of the field employee.

Location-centric task assignment reduces the burden of extra travel and reduces sales and service operational costs.  Employee productivity is boosted with real-time supervision.ERP and Employee intelligence integration increase customer interaction and engagement together with the increase in profitability.

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