7 reasons to implement travelling employee management strategies

7 reasons to implement travelling employee management strategies

travelling employee management strategies

travelling employee management

Travelling employees are important as they act as the face of your organizations while they meet the customers directly. They can improve customer engagement and customer experience.

Despite improvements travelling employee management is less focused. Because of their remote nature of work organization often ignore travelling employee management. Below are the reasons to tell the importance of implementing travelling employee management strategies.

1. To implement Proper communication

When it comes to travelling employee, communication is the major issue of concern. Management of the company often discusses improving travelling employee communication without priority or else ignored despite its importance.

Improving the communication level of the travelling employee is essential as it boosts the morale of the employee, helps in reducing training costs.

2. For proper Task management

Task management may not be proper when there are communication gap and location constraints. Travelling employees face issues when it comes to completing the tasks because of location constraints. Travelling employees face issues when it comes to completing the tasks because of location constraints. Proper planning and scheduling tasks according to their location can optimize the task management of the travelling employee.

3. To provide Real-time supervision

It is always difficult for the managers to provide the necessary instructions for the field employees in a real-time. Lack of supervision for the travelling employee affect their productivity and on the outcome of the result.

Real-time supervision with messaging broadcasts along with report sharing attributes can help exchange important insightful actions and helps managers to manage employee’s tasks status in a real time.

4. To reduce Burden of repetitive travels

Travelling employee lacks the system to register their attendance from their work location. This makes them travel to their office location to register their attendance.

Employees often have to travel repetitively in order to complete the tasks. Many time proper task planning, scheduling, rescheduling the tasks in a real-time reduce employee’s burden of repetitive travelling. This will reduce the travel costs and helps employees improve their productivity together with the time management.

5. To eliminate Time theft

Time theft is the common word that comes to mind when you think of travelling employees. Time theft lead to high employee management costs for the organizations. Travelling employee who commits time-theft leads to cost leakages and impact the growth of the business.

Time theft of few employees often makes the management to see the travelling employees under suspicion of time theft. This will affect the appraisal of the travelling employees and affects their relationships with their employers.

6. To eliminate Fraudulent travel claims and reimbursement

Due to lack of the source of truth about travel distance and time, travelling employee can provide the fraudulent distance to claim the reimbursements. This will increase management of travelling employee. This cost leakage affects the organization’s profits.

In order to reduce the reduce cost leakages and to reduce operational costs Organization needs a source of truth for travelled distance calculation and for travelling employee monitoring.

7. To avoid Paperwork’s

Travelling employees require a lot of paperwork in order to document their work and to submit them to their managers. Managing payroll and reimbursement is another issue for both travelling employees as well as the HR department, which require a lot of paperwork in order to process the payroll of the travelling employees.

Paperwork’s while calculating payroll of travelling employee’s increasing burden on the Finance department. This requires manual payroll processing which leads to errors and cost leakages.


Travelling employee management is necessary for many reasons. Travelling employee management is necessary in order to avail the best communication. Real-time supervision together with the task management helps employees reduce the burden of extra travels and improves their productivity.

Travelling employee management can reduce the time-theft activities and helps HR and Finance department to process their payroll accurately.

Technology that can automate the travelling employee management reduces the risk of time-theft and eliminates cost leakages due to travelling cost and improper task management.

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