Real-time Supervision of On-field Workforce- Realize Highest Employees Efficiency

Supervision is a work environment action in which an administrator/Manager/Supervisor directs the tasks and the duties of the team member he leads. It is an imperative employment work for the managers at all the levels, all through your organization.

But, when it comes to supervision, Salesforce always lags behind. Moreover, most of the managers are unable to help their field reps, as their location is remote to their office location. The Supervision of field Representatives has uncommon troubles. They work over a wide region and frequently they see nobody from their Company for a few days. They spend a reasonable extent of their time in travel­ling, more frequently alone.

Importance of Sales Employees/Field employees


Salesforce not only generates revenues. But also, they drive the business by manufacturing the trust with the clients. They connect with clients at all the phases of the relationship. New clients require association, and chances to find out about the brand. This is effectively carried out by the field reps. Along with helping with the branding, Sales-force brings back the lost customers by re-engaging them with the offers, discounts along with the promotional communication.

Importance of real-time supervision for Field employees

Here are the reasons you should consider real-time supervision for the field employees.

Task scheduling


Real-time supervision helps supervisors not only to schedule but also to assign as well as to modify the tasks as per the geographical location together with the employee availability as well as the customer needs.

Task Management


Assigning the tasks, modifying them and to reshuffle the tasks from person to person in a real time is a hard task for the supervisors. With their team scattered at the different geographical location, this seems extremely hard for the supervisors to manage the task allocation in a real time.

Real-time supervision helps managers to allocate the right task for the right person in a real-time as per geographical location and availability. This not only helps managers but also helps field employees to manage their tasks efficiently.

Save time

Real-time task allocation and the task distribution in a real-time help the sales team save the time.Together with the time saving,  it will also help them reduce the travel and also help them to acquire new customers together with the existing customer.

Effective communication

Modern communication technology mobile phone. Man holding smartphone

Communication gap is one of the major issues that field representatives face. Their geographically scattered nature of the work is the important reason for the problem of the miscommunication.

However, Real-time supervision, blended with the technology and the timely actions will sort out the problem of miscommunication of the field employees. This not only solves the problem of the employees but also the problems of Supervisors as well as the management with respect to obtaining the accurate data at an appropriate time.

Performance evaluation

Sales employees always face the issues with compensation and the way their work is evaluated. Real-time supervision and provision to estimate the insights in a real-time not just help the supervisors to evaluate the performance of the employee. But also, it will help them to monitor the tasks and improve the productivity of the individual employee.

Save Cost

Real-time supervision of field employee and their tasks help save the cost by reshuffling the tasks as per the location vicinity and the needs. This will reduce unnecessary traveling, thereby reduces the expenditures spent on traveling, together with the time saving of the employee.




The challenge to meet the targets within the limited period is always a mammoth problem for a traveling employee. Moreover, they always face the issues with the performance evaluation and compensation policies.

In few instances, few good performers ranked lesser than the average performers. This situation is a result of improper geographical distribution as well as improper monitoring in a real time.  This situation is detrimental; for, it will demotivate the field employee and may result in losing the customer, as they are the one who directly interacts with the customers.

Real-time supervision not only motivates the field employees but also triggers bigger chances to reward the employee without any errors. This helps to improve productivity and acquire more sales.

Emotional well being

Real-time supervision together with the motivation helps emotional wellbeing of the field employee. Real-time supervision decreases the feeling of the field employee of getting isolated and also the role ambiguity as well.


Supervising field employees is always difficult for the supervisors, as the employees are scattered along the Geographical locations. Real-time supervision blended with technology not only help the employees to manage task efficiently but also help supervisors. It also saves time and also cost to the management.

Real-time supervision helps in building efficient communication among field employees. It allows error-free performance evaluation. Similarly, it supports employees emotionally by motivating them. This reduces the feeling of getting isolated and also feeling of role ambiguity.

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