3 Strong Motives to Integrate Payroll Management with Mobile Attendance

Payroll integration

As the technology progresses briskly, it is obvious that the traditional systems are altering obsolete. Evidently,  the manual tasks are too tedious and the emerging technology made everything a click away. Furthermore,  it may be the travel or shopping. By the same token, it may be the food catering or the medical treatment and so on.

Furthermore, Technology is on its way of shifting from the desktop to the mobile application, because of its attribute of locomotion. Mobile is making the jobs easier and by the same token just a touch away from finishing the tasks.

Adaptation is a natural phenomenon and every living organism on the earth tends to adapt to the changes in its niche of living and humans are not the exception to this. By the same token, our organizations are driven by the changes and the adaptations. As a result, every old system and the methods are upgrading to a new one. In the like manner;  Over time, traditional systems will be replaced perpetually by automated software systems.

Nurturing human resource is one of the primary goals of the organizations. Creating a Conducive environment for the human resource immensely contribute to their long stay in the organization which plays a pivotal role in the growth of an organization. Human resource management system (HRMS) has become huge chunk and must be properly modulated.

Employee time and attendance system are necessary to manage human capital and it must be properly set. The pay should be proportional to hours of work. In most of the organizations, attendance system and payroll processing are two different entities. Managing two entities requires manual tasks and they cost time and money to the management. However,  the technology can be a great benefit if we employ it wisely.

Hence, both the systems require necessary human resources to manage, so there is a considerable amount of money and time is being invested. Automating processes have become a trend now. Payroll integration makes Attendance system and payroll process into one entity. The integrated system is more efficient and involves less investment of the human resources as well as money. In this post, we would address 3 vital reasons to why to integrate payroll processing into mobile attendance.


Below are the 3 strong motives to integrate the payroll processing with the mobile attendance.

#1 Payroll integration-Prevent Human Errors

Humans are prone to the errors. By the same token, even those who claim to be perfectionists commit errors. Humans commit mistakes, even when they are at their best. Moreover making mistakes is never a crime.; but, for an organization errors can be a large expense. For payroll calculations, Finance departments use Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet; where errors are bound to happen. Uniquely Technology is the best way to deal with the human errors. Integrating attendance with the payroll will generate the error-free payroll automatically. This is the best possible solution to avoid the human errors in the payroll system.

Axsium conducted research after implementing the payroll integration for the workforce management and found the most satisfactory results.


#2 Save Time and Money

Integration of the attendance and the payroll processing will automate the payroll process. This will reduce the work of the human resource department. Moreover,  this saves time for the finance department to process the payroll and makes the process error free. This practice certainly yields the significant benefits to every organization.

As a result, the quality, speed and the efficiency of the employees would increase.Equally important, utilizing less number of resources can certainly save you the cost.

#3 Monitor Accurate Pay and Working Time

The traditional payroll system calculates the payroll based on 15 or 30 working days consequently neglecting the accuracy of the time in terms of the hours. Additionally, this would turn out to be a channel of the pay leakage. The integration of the payroll with the mobile attendance system tracks the exact working hours of the employee and send accurate data to the payroll system. This will eliminate the inaccuracies and match the exact payroll with the working hours which is a win-win system for both the employer and the employee.


Mobile attendance integrated with the payroll will make an accurately automated package. This saves money and time in considerable amount. An ideal proven strategy for every organization is the payroll integration. This integrated system helps you accurately to monitor money and the time which is the biggest assets to the organization.

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