Noticeable Problems of Remote Employees & their Costly Consequences

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Remote employees problems of time, attendance and payroll management affect  both employees and the management to lose time and money by huge amount.

Human capital is vital for every organization. Employees works following the organization’s goals provide stability and growth. Employees well beings measures the success of the organization. Happy employees set an environment for organizations to perform at its best and renders happy customers. 

Employees works following the organization’s goals provide stability and growth.

Employee’s well-being should be the focus of the organizations. Well-being refers to an organized human capital system, wherein employee’s’ life cycle, employee engagement and experience are well taken care. However the challenges of on-field employee remain an issue as they struggle to manage their time and attendance, as there is authenticated system for them to mark their attendance like bio-metric system for on-premise employees.

Here we address the problems that are hindering on-field employees/contract employees work performance which should be given attention.

#1  Lack of proper Attendance Marking System for Contract & On-field Employees

For Contract Employees

Outsourcing in IT is very obvious; it would be payroll, recruitment, branding and so on. Outsourcing employees for mutual benefits involved in lot of confusions. Ensuring seamless human resource management of such contract employees is always a challenge. Parent companies fail to monitor contract employees due to lack of attendance management system for such employees. There is no valid time and attendance system to manage contract employees. There is lack of communication between contract employee and their parent organization. Employee misuse causes significant loss to parent company. This will affect project timeline.

For On-field Employees

Many IT and Non-IT firms have a large chunk of human resources working away from their office premises which creates a lot of constraints with respect to time and location. Employees and employers always deal with uncertainties of location because of customer requirements. Presently there is no authenticated & intelligent system for on-field employees to mark the attendance & complete an assigned task, from the field. This makes a huge challenge to for both on-field employees & also to the management.

Such employee either has to travel to office premise just to mark the attendance or should communicate the attendance over a phone or other traditional means which are sometimes hard to give any proof. This poses a big problem to both employee and employer.

#2 Inconsistent Communication in a Team

It is certain for on-field employee to miss few important meetings and announcements. Sometimes they may not get even the outcome of the meeting they missed from their colleagues or manager. Research says, Remote employee work-life involves close to 40% travel on a daily basis. So it is unlikely for them to meet managers and discuss the task status daily. This posits a challenge of communication for an on-field employee with their superiors. Inconsistent communication will be a problem for both employee and the organization.

While the employee work in a distant location from their office premises it is difficult for them to send frequent update even if they are important. The traditional systems will not allow the chain connection between the class of employees and the data sharing will be difficult which will disturb the system of work.

As a result of aforementioned problems, the management or CXO’s face problems/challenges in managing on-field workforce. Let us discuss those pain points.

#I. Risk of Time-theft

Time theft at work occurs when an employee accepts pay from their employer for work that they have not actually done, or for time they have not actually put into their work. According to studies made by the American Payroll Association (APA), 75 percent of businesses are affected by what is known as “time theft.” 

Below research statistics by American Payroll Association(APA) show time lost in the time-theft. It’s staggering high rate. This would result in accountability for non-working hours and paying the money for the same which is a big loss to the organization, when they have almost 43% time-theft from on-field employees.

Time theft

#II. Risk of losing Money in the Payroll Process due to Inaccuracy

Manual updation of remote employee timesheets may lead to errors .These errors can prove costly and it always a part of the financial transaction. Without time integration with the payroll can prove expensive for the organization.

Payroll should integrate with exact time and attendance system of the organization which accounts accurate billable hour to monitor accuracy in the pay.


On-field employees face challenges of time and attendance management and payroll integration of working hours. At the same time the those problems affect the management to lose time and money by huge amount. Therefore organizations should pay attention to these problems and mitigate the risks associated with it and ensure proper capital management for the on-field/remote employee’s well-being.

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