GPS based attendance-Three reasons to upgrade your attendance software system

We are leading a life in one of the best of the times than never before. The technology boom has certainly lived up to the expectation of what it was predicted earlier. Now we are leaping into greater technology and automation.  By 2025 the human will lead a life without the need of communication with others. Technology interconnects every thing. This is already happening, but need to reach the wider population.


Organizations will be thriving to achieve their zenith in their business over all the competition. But in their zeal of reaching high, most of the organizations focus less on “attention to details”. This affects the productivity and efficiency of the business.

In this post, we would emphasize on how organizations can manage their employee time and attendance system efficiently by replacing the inefficient practices that are existing today. We would offer 3 reasons to upgrade the existing software’s to a new technology which is simple, cost-effective and assist employees to have efficient time and attendance management.

1. Refrain using expensive software systems

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is a good software which is widely used, however, it has become a very costly affair. As the technology has evolved, we have better and more efficient, cost-effective software’s that are available in the market now. We are no way against ERP’s; but we are just highlighting their bigger budget and higher bandwidth which is unfavorable to most SME’s.

When we are looking into attributes of employee management, especially time and attendance management—Organizations need to have a simple system with affordable cost. There are software systems which will help organizations to personalize employees’ time and attendance with simple easy to use options.

Evolution of mobile technology replacing the mobile application. This is beneficial for the employees because of the mobile’s nature of portability, independence, real time communication and Geo tracking options. GPS Mobile Attendance System for time and attendance management in the HCM (Human Capital Management) space is a mobile application system which will help field/sales/contract employees to mark their time and attendance from client/customer location by providing them flexibility. This will certainly avoid the use bulkier software systems for employee attendance management. The new mobile technology will save a fair amount of money investment for the organizations with minimal money investment and also provide a personalized attendance management system to track employee time and attendance


2. Eliminate manual or tedious process

Often we observe the person working on maintenance tasks keep their updates manually. Organization can save the cost with better management. Many organizations still stick to the old practices despite of the technological advancements. This may be due to the unawareness of the difference that technology can make to their organization. The manual errors that can commence during attendance and billing hours can prove costly to such organizations.

The only way to eliminate the manual process is by automation, which should be secure and accurate. Mobile application technology will automate the process with security and accuracy. It allows employees to mark their attendance on their location of work which is shared automatically with the pay roll which can be integrated. This will eliminate manual paperwork’s in the most efficient way.

3. Assist employees on better time-management

Everyone will face a common challenge of time management during the course of the work. Most of the field employees always struggle to manage their time as they spend their most of the time in travelling towards their client/customer. However, Right approach can resolve this problem.


Traditional attendance will help the employees in the organization’s premises, but it is of less use to field employees as they have to make physical calls or should travel to their office location before they start traveling again towards their work location. Extra travelling may cost money to the organizations and could burden employee to decrease his efficiency. This problem is solved by providing portable software which an employee can carry through travel. Hence a GPS mobile attendance system would fit perfectly into this kind of situations. This portable system can be installed on mobile devices.

This new system helps employees to mark their attendance from their location of work. Organizations can track employee hours and locations with this simple mobile app. As per research, an employee can save up to 30% of the time as compared to the traditional attendance system. They can personalize their time and account accurate number of working hours with high productivity. When we have better task and time management, there will be a surge in the productivity of the employees. If one mobile app can improvise so many things for the employees, then it is better to switch from bulkier software systems to mobile technology.


The traditional attendance system requires huge money investment and software maintenance. So adapting to mobile application technology can assist organizations to save money and provide efficient time and attendance management system for employees.

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