Reasons to incorporate Field-notes for effective Real-Time Communication


This post is the result of the discussion with one of our clients, who is having most of their employees working in the field on a daily basis. They discussed the problem with us which was affecting their field employees’’-communication with peers to pass the critical information on a real time. This pain point should be addressed and required a solution.

Communication is an integral part of any relationship, either it is personal or professional. Consistent communication helps to understand the things or situation. At the same time, communication will help the business leaders to make the informed decisions.

Let us address the importance of communication for field employees’. Field employees spend most of the time in visiting various client/customer places and face remoteness from their organization’s premises. Consequently, this brings lesser connectivity for them with their team members. Consequently, Communication issues affect the decision making and the approvals from the business managers. Moreover, Wrong decisions taken at the wrong time may prove costly. Because of this, the  field employees need a medium to fill this communication gap.

Field Notes feature of the GetSpot(GPS mobile attendance system) will assist employees to share instant information or data with their peers through their mobile. Through this feature, sales-employees can share real-time data on sales stats, medical representatives can share their hospital/client visits at any point in time. This adds greater value to the business by consistent communication in critical situations. Hence, furthermore field notes help the field employee to stay in touch all the time.

A picture is worth thousand words

Visuals are the best alternates for text communications. Moreover, visuals help the receiver in saving the time that is invested to read and understand the message communicated. For instance; if there is the problem with the customer goods. The field employee can capture the photo of the defect goods. They can directly share it with the concerned person. This will help them evaluate and provide the assistance.

Getspot features file sharing option where an employee can share documents, pdf forms of reports and images. This feature helps reduction of manual documentation by simplifying the information exchange. Field notes feature improves organizational communication to a great extent by eliminating the problem of remote communication issue.

Conclusion: Workforce Intelligence application with field notes feature help organizations to track employee time, & ensures consistent real time communication with field employees.

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