An ideal Geo Attendance Software to look for

If we roll back to our lives to the 80’s and 90’, furthermore when the digital navigation was not so familiar; it was very difficult to find an address in the most unfamiliar location.

Scenario’s for the people were, either to inquire the people who were familiar with the location or in the same token wander the areas by holding the map in their hand like an explorer.

Today the sequence of events changed comparatively and furthermore finding the addresses is as simpler as ever.

One can find any address around any corner of the world with just a finger tap on their smartphone. Furthermore, we should thank the revolution made by the digital maps like Google maps.

The effect of this discovery is extraordinarily large. This is changing the travel patterns of the people across the globe.

The technology has not only transformed our personal lives but also extended its wonder to help the enterprise businesses in many ways.

Locomotion is the important vital part of the enterprise business. Furthermore, transportation for enterprises is inevitable. It is either for procuring the raw material or else for sending the finished goods to the niche market. Without the locomotion system, enterprise business seems moreover impossible.

Geo Navigational systems are helping the businesses in a great way.  Geo-tracking furthermore helps the enterprises in bringing a revolution in their transportation along with the ensured assurance.

Equally important, taxi services and human resource agencies are constantly using Geo-tracking. This has lead to its elation.

In this post, we summarize the features and benefits of an Ideal Workforce Intelligence application (which is a by-product of the Geo-tracking technology) coupled with the reasons for the need of the Ideal Workforce Intelligence application for the time Remote Employee Management.

# 1 Workforce Business Intelligence


Analytics processes are a lifeline to any form of business. Equally important, Analytics gives a perfect picture of all the data. Together with Analytics, Intelligence tool should give a clear picture of the exceptions of the time-stamp and the distance traveled.

Intelligence tool must act as a single source of truth for all the insightful data analytics and It should act as a decision-making tool.

Workforce Intelligence should bring the accuracy in data validation along with accuracy in the related cost calculations.

The tool should enable mid-level management by providing seamless automation along with the accurate data in order to increase the efficiency of the management by reducing the transaction activity time.

Benefits: Time theft incidents are eliminated completely along with the elimination of the leakages that occur because of due to false distance claims. This ensures the data is kept under the control.

# 2 Clock in Clock out

Workforce Intelligence application should have the clock-in and clock-out feature. This element helps the remote employee’s to mark their attendance at their existing location. Moreover, this feature can be used to capture the accurate working hours.

Accountability of every working hour is important for the complete accomplishment of the allotted tasks. This not only provides the liability for the extra work performed but also provide the employee a chance to get rewarded for extra achievements.

Moreover, this can be a positive sign for both the employees and the employers. In India, the accountability is done on either weekly or monthly basis. As a matter of fact, this results in the misinterpretation of the real data.

Workforce Intelligence application not only allows the organizations to manage their employee’s time on an hourly basis but also helps both the employee and the employer to have a cordial relationship.


Shift based workers can have flexibility in managing the time so that they can maintain accurate working hours.

#3 Real-Time Communication


Field employees’ work locations are always distant from their office premises and additionally, they have to miss the important meetings because of the work nature and the location.

This results in the lack of communication and the miscommunication of the critical hearings. Consequently, miscommunication may often affect their work. Workforce Intelligence application should address this problem and it should connect remote employees with managers.

The application should comprise a feature that allows the real-time communication and managers should be able to contact and pass the vital announcements to the employees.

#4 Custom Dashboards &  Generate Important Reports


Reports are important to observe the statistics of employee work and other data. It is essential for every organization to check employee’s task’s success rate on a monthly basis and sales reports. Reports are the mirrors for accountability and performance check.

The tool should render the hassle-free reports instantly in a real time.


Report generation helps managers to see the progress graph of the employees and tweak the plans to have a better outcome. Vital sales statistics should be viewed at any point. This is to develop the new plan for the next quarter to come.

#5 Compatible with Payroll Software

More often every organization has their own unique payroll processing software. The Organizations do calculate every penny they spent on business. Payroll will take account of every hour that an employee put on his work. The sole purpose of this is to ensure the right pay for the right amount of work.

The payroll needs to get integrated with the time and attendance management system to share the accurate working hours and to ensure the accountability. Workforce Intelligence application that manages time and attendance should be compatible to integrate with the existing payroll.


Workforce Intelligence application allows seamless Integration of the payroll. payroll Integration automates payroll process to eliminate the manual payroll process completely.This will save cost to the company and ensure the error-free payroll.


 Consistent communication is possible with the remote employees. Field employee can receive critical information and decisions which can transform the business. The communication between sales and inventory managers help inventory team to plan the goods procurement and dispatch.


Workforce Intelligence application has broken the barrier of remoteness. It is rendering consistent communication between employees’ and managers. This has led to a new communication pattern for remote employees. Four benefits we discussed above will collectively make a Workforce Intelligence application which fulfills the needs of an organization and the remote employees.

Organizations with the thought of implementing geo attendance system to manage remote employees’ time & attendance should ensure these four benefits are met to achieve the optimal results.

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