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Our life is driven by the changes every day. Although this may be Unintentional; but, for a reason, pushing our lives for the improvement of the world.

Furthermore, Business is one of those important part of our life that is helping to sort out the problems affecting the societies.

In the like manner, Modern business is highly influenced and assisted by the software products and their services.

The common goal of every software product or a service is to serve the people to live better. It might not look the same in the surface view. The core motive of the software industry is to help the people live better.

It is common to conclude the domination of information technology in transforming our lives. Most importantly  in short time as well. Adopting to the technology can help every kind of business firms.

Furthermore, in this post, we address the new technology, that can solve the genuine problems associated with the field employee’s attendance and time marking.

We showcase Workforce Intelligence- A GPS based mobile application for the field employees to mark the time and the attendance.

Why do organizations need to adapt to this technology? The same question is the motivation behind the post of addressing the concern.

Let us discover 3 objectives, referring why do organizations need to adapt to the WORKFORCE INTELLIGENCE for the field employee management?

#1 Simplify the Field Employee Management

As a matter of fact, Field employees deal with the works at various locations on a daily basis. In the same manner, It is true that the traditional attendance system barely helps them in marking time and attendance from their working location at a given time. This poses a challenge of maintaining the records of the field employees of the organizations.

However, the Workforce Intelligence application helps the field employees to mark the time and attendance from any location at a given time.

It is a simple mobile application which the employees can install on their smartphones. Furthermore, Employees can carry it anywhere and record the time and the attendance details securely.

With the help of Workforce Intelligence, organizations will have the better human resource management. This helps them maintain employee records accurately.

#2 Technology Drives the Business to Next Level

Technology is chief in solving the problems. A few years back, there was no platform for the online payment. However, the invention of the payment gateway made the internet a prominent place for the financial transactions.

The phenomenal technology has transformed nearly 90% of the business. Consequently, they are using online payment gateways for the business transactions.

In the same manner, the Workforce Intelligence can drive the transformation in employee management. It helps time management and improves the productivity as well as the efficiency rate with high margin to save the resource cost.

The data analysis shows that the implementation of the Workforce Intelligence is saving 32 hours of time per month for an employee.

Together with the Intelligence, Organizations are getting benefits from the time saved along with the increased efficiency & performance of an employee.

Furthermore, this will increase the bandwidth of the workforce. Significantly, this is a sign of positivity for any organization.

#3 Advantages of the  Workforce Intelligence: Clock-in and clock-out feature, Payroll Integration & Task Assignment

The Workforce Intelligence offers great advantages alongside with the attendance management. It improves the overall employee experience and assists their time-management. The Geo attendance provides the clock-in and clock-out feature to keep the track of the work hours.

This provides flexibility for the employees to work on the shifts basis. Furthermore, better time management of the employees results in the increased productivity.

The Workforce Intelligence product is built with compatible payroll integration. This integrates the employee attendance module and calculates the payroll by considering work hour based on the attendance. This will eliminate a tedious manual process.

Save cost and time

Organizations can have task assignment for field employees; wherein, managers can assign tasks to respective teams and track the timelines.

This is instrumental for managers to plan ahead and assign tasks accordingly. Task management helps employees to prioritize their tasks based on vitality.


The Workforce Intelligence assists organizations to develop best field employee experience. Field employees will have a handy tool for marking attendance at any location.

Alongside perks like time-management, payroll integration and task assignment will greatly enhance employee productivity. This creates a win-win environment for employer and employees.

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