Geo Attendance Tracking is NOT Micromanaging Employees rather building relationship


Steve Jobs quoted once on hiring talent, saying that, “It does not make any sense to hire people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people, so they can tell us what to do”.  Though this is true and the new generation people are smart enough to think and execute innovative ideas in the work. As a matter of fact, they do not necessarily be told what can be done every once in a while. It is just that they have to work in line with the organization goals.

Employees are the organization. It takes a great deal to hire the best talent and nurture them over a sustained time period. By doing that organization can reach desired heights. Managing employees has to be plain and simple. At the moment, there is common software (In-house) for managing employees’ coupled with the time and attendance. However, if we classify the employees, then we will have (a) In-house employees (b) Field/Remote employees. There is a caveat to manage the field employees’ attendance. In-house attendance software does not gel with field employees’ attendance management field employees’ attendance management; the reason is their nature of travel to customer/client locations on a daily basis. Therefore they need an attendance system which should be portable and should not restrict them to a single location to mark the attendance.

The concept of Geo attendance or tracking is being discovered with the sole reason to solve the field employees’ attendance management problem. With Geo attendance,  field employees can mark their attendance anywhere, anytime with promptly notifying their time and location details to the organization. (Note: Geo Attendance system Attendance system is a mobile application which functions with the help of GPS technology.)

The corollary to the Geo attendance system seems to track employees, which sounds like micro-management by organizations. Employees need not think about being tracked. The truth of the matter is to solve the genuine problem of field employees, to assist them in marking their attendance and give them a tool to manage their time efficiently and not to track their every move. Organizations need to have this thought process to ensure employees have healthy working relationships.

In this post, we would present you the essential parameters–how Geo attendance is assisting the field employees and not meant for tracking employees but to improve their working experience on a daily basis.

#1 Accountability of Employees Work & Time

As a matter of fact most of the field employees are working with the challenge of marking attendance from the field and failing to add their own working hours accurately. Indeed it is a challenge for organizations to manage field employees’ attendance. This is a problem and causing employees dissatisfaction out of their work. In such case, employees’ dedication and hard work will be in vain, so accountability is something everyone looks for.

The idea of Geo attendance system is to provide the platform to field employees to register their attendance and work. The software captures the location, time and tasks being accomplished. Employees will have their every hour work is taken into accountability.

Employees will have their hourly work accountability.

#2 Task Management with Timelines

In traditional attendance management approach, there is no definite documentation for field employees’ task management. Most of the tasks are assigned by speaking to them verbally. No precise details about tasks and timelines. Anything with clear timeline assists valuing the time precisely. With Geo attendance tracking employees can easily plan and prioritize tasks with timelines.

It is true that Organized work renders better outcome. While setting deadlines for every task, keeps employees on toes, creates a sense of urgency. Importantly, this is a  healthy sign to accomplish set out goals. Employees can plan ahead and target critical tasks by prioritizing. In the same way, managers can tweak the plans and get updates from employees.

#3 Keeping Remote Team in the Communication Loop

Field employees work individually and diversely. It is true that teamwork is what drives the organization to accomplish the goals. Even though field employees work remotely, geo attendance system centralizes their communication and task assignment. In the same way, managers can manage multiple teams and assign tasks to Geo attendance app. Employees can instantly get notified and take necessary actions.

The communication between managers and employees is crucial and Geo attendance acts as the bridge to have consistent communication, to keep them in the loop regardless of their work location or remoteness.  Communication with in-house teams is easy but communication with remote employees is a great challenge. Geo attendance system provides Real-Time communication feature which centralizes consistent communication between employees and managers.

IN CONCLUSION:  The motive of Geo Attendance System is to improve working experience of remote employees. It should not function as a controller. With that, they can accurately register their working hours and view tasks and timelines, plan accordingly. The intent is not to dwell on tracking employees. Organizations should have trust in employees and nurture healthy working relationships. Micro-management will not serve the purpose. Organizations need to keep in mind–happy employees create happy customers.

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