What Is Getspot?

Getspot is a mobile GPS based software application that provides intelligence to your on-field / remote workforce. It provides real time location tracking of the workforce with timestamp, distance travelled and assigned task details. Real time supervision helps organizations with single source of truth for all the remote workforce data. Enabled with power of data analytics, makes it an intelligent platform to have for any enterprises.


Who is Getspot for?

Easy Clock-in and Clock-out

On-Field/remote workforce can easily clock-in using Getspot mobile application from their work location as they begin their assigned task, & clock-out once it is completed. Getspot favors accountability of the actual work hours.

Task Management

Feature of task management favors employee to plan and prioritize the tasks allotted to him. Easy task management saves employee time, and real time task assignment makes it easy for employees to adjust the tasks and time.

Work accountability

Geo location and timestamp, clock-in, clock-out options help employees to maintain accurate working hours; and helping them build an impression on their employers. This relieves employees from being suspicion of time theft and vouches their accountability .Thus; overall morality of the employees in the organization will be high.

Mark Attendance from Work Location

Contract or on-site employees can mark their attendance by using clock-in feature from their Getspot mobile application, and later clock-out after the task or day of work has been completed. This provides accurate location and timestamp as a proof for the attendance data validation of an on-site or contract employees.

Payroll Automation

Getspot’s integration with existing payroll system automates the pay-hours of the contract employee which eliminates transactional errors and saves time and cost.

Organize Schedules and Task Assignments

Supervisors can create a task by adding a deadline to it, assign it to concerned team member and then manage it in real time. Scheduling, modification and rescheduling of the visits/tasks of the on-field workforce can be managed in real time. One can handle last minute changes like client meetings cancelled or postponed, with hassle-free, as it is easy to Geo-locate workforce and assign new tasks in the vicinity.

Complete cradle to grave reporting with a graphical representation of the tasks completed within TAT and the tasks completed out of TAT can be viewed, downloaded and shared.

Monitor and Geo Tracking/Mapping

Getspot enables managers/supervisors to track and monitor their on-field or remote team member’s location, task status, distance travelled and time stamp in real time. The manager can also handle last minute changes like client meetings cancelled or postponed, with hassle-free, as it is easy to geo-locate members and assign new tasks in their vicinity.

Report Generation

Manager/supervisors can view and generate the reports of the location with distance travelled and time stamps, time deviations, tasks and task status of their team members. They can generate reports with various search filter options.

Exception Reports and Dashboard

Exception reports like time and distance deviations, task overdue can be handy for managers; analytics metrics help the managers analyze the employee performance.

Get the Bigger Picture

Getspot software application is not just a tracking or monitoring device for on-field or remote employees, but it has been incorporated with an intelligence and data analytics, which makes it a power-full tool for the acceleration of business growth.

Decision Making Tool

Getspot an on-field and remote workforce intelligence, empowered with data analytics, becomes a decision making tool for the management of an organization. A single source of truth and one view dashboard window for all the insightful data of on-field or remote workforce.

Cost Cutting

Getspot eliminates time theft incidences and increases overall man hours, adding to productivity. It gives accurate account of the distance travelled by remote workforce, hence helps in validating travel claim submissions accurately. This helps to transform cost centers to a profit center.

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Getspot enables accuracy in data validation and in-turn accuracy in related cost calculations. With accurate source of data and seamless automation, enables mid-level management with increased efficiency by reducing transactional activity time.

Enterprise System Integration Benefits

Integration with third party software applications will bring in seamless automation and unified view of all the data points. Seamless integration eliminates transactional errors and also time spent on the transactional activities.